Can You Deploy on Commit with Confidence?

Enable Continuous and secure deployment at scale

Are you extracting Spinnaker’s true value? Using Spinnaker should be an easy and dependable process that supports several progressive deployment strategies and provides visibility and control into your software deployment processes. However, the hours spent maintaining it can quickly eat away at that value. Improve the experience for both your developers and your customers with tools that automate deployment.


 Focus on your business instead of administrative overhead


 Automation and visibility provide a better DevOps experience


 Increasing developer velocity to achieve Elite status

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Do not lose deployment time in administrative overhead. Automate manual and repetitive tasks and influence your bottom line. With a simple and dynamic process, teams can confidently deploy software as often as needed, across thousands of apps or microservices, by thousands of developers, and to thousands of deployment targets every time. Read our infographic to see more about:

  • Supporting several progressive deployment strategies that provide visibility and control into your software deployment processes 
  • How to win in a software driven world and the steps needed for achieving an elite status 
  • What metrics to track and how to track them to focusing on building unique value and a competitive advantage 
  • Increase successful deployments and drive better development with a quick and cost-efficient solution 

Armory enables developers to continuously improve and assure their customers’ experience through scalable, safe, reliable, secure, and continuous software deployments.

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