Success with Multiple Environments Using Scale Agent for Spinnaker & Kubernetes

One of the largest technology companies in the world relies on Scale Agent to deploy to hundreds of Kubernetes clusters, across multiple environments, across multiple teams. Learn more about how they scale Kubernetes with Scale Agent in this customer success story.

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Addressing Issues of Kubernetes Scale

One of the top issues for Kubernetes deployments from Spinnaker is lack of resources. Organizations who don’t address the problems at the source end up spending more money and effort to add resources in order to help scale to their needs, which leads to ballooning costs and Kubernetes environments that are increasingly difficult to manage.

The organization described in this customer success story is one of the largest in the world and has multiple teams with hundreds of environments. As their Kubernetes adoption grew, so did latency, throttling  and CPU limitations. The overhead of managing the growing number of accounts, configurations, and credentials can start to get out of control. 

The platform team needed a way to scale, manage, and grow their Kubernetes usage in a controlled, predictable, and reliable way beyond the limitations of Clouddriver.

Overcoming Cost and Management Issues with Armory Scale Agent

The platform team chose to confidently scale their Kubernetes deployments with Spinnaker and Armory Scale Agent, solving the scaling resources problem at the root. They can now securely and dynamically manage all of their Kubernetes deployments. 

Armory Scale Agent for Spinnaker and Kubernetes is a lightweight, real-time agent that scales deployment execution operations from your Spinnaker instance to all of your Kubernetes clusters. Scale Agent deploys to limitless clusters and namespaces with minimal latency, and accelerates pipeline execution times.

The Armory Scale Agent plugin for Spinnaker & Kubernetes addresses scale issues at the root, helping your teams manage growth and cut costs.

  • The decentralized and optimized caching model is able to eliminate latency issues while managing each Kubernetes cluster from within. 
  • Scale Agent detects and streams changes in real-time, it supports the creation of new accounts on the fly without any downtime.
  • That’s one of the reasons Armory’s Scale Agent uses decentralized and dynamic account management to enhance security and empower individual teams to manage permissions for their specific clusters. Scale Agent allows you to decouple Kubernetes service accounts from applications to provide better security.

 Don’t just throw more money and more Kubernetes resources at the problem and call it “scale.” Solve your deployment scalability challenges at the source with Scale Agent for Spinnaker & Kubernetes.

Success with Armory’s Scale Agent Plugin

What benefits does Scale Agent offer for this organization’s Kubernetes deployments? 

  • Cost Management – Now they won’t just throw more money and more Kubernetes resources and call it “scale.” They’re solving scalability problems at the source. 
  • Increased Scalability – Independence for each cluster and eliminates the need to update configuration files and redeploy all of their Spinnaker services.
  • Improved Efficiency – They can create new accounts without any downtime. Now, they can avoid having multiple people waiting hours to deploy new Kubernetes targets.

Scale Agent can help you deploy to Kubernetes faster and more efficiently, ultimately saving time and money.

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