Pipelines-as-Code Plugin for Spinnaker:

Easy Spinnaker Pipeline Version Control in Git

Unite continuous deployment pipelines with the app development lifecycle to interact, configure, and automate pipeline definitions as code

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Armory Pipelines-as-Code is Spinnaker pipeline version control in Git. With this open source Spinnaker compatible plugin, unite continuous deployment pipelines with application development to interact, configure and automate pipeline definitions as code right in your VCS of choice.

Deploy Pipelines Through Source Code Using Your Chosen VCS

Developers choose best-of-breed version control systems like GitHub for a reason: they need the ability to collaborate and improve code together. 

A broken deployment pipeline jeopardizes your ability to deploy new versions of your application. Store Armory pipelines in your Version Control System (such as Github) and manage them like you would manage code. Make use of templatization, and modularization in the construction of your pipelines, and track every change made to your pipelines.

The pipeline definitions are saved in source control, along with the rest of the project’s files leading to better documentation, knowledge sharing, collaboration, transparency, and ease of use

An image of sample template with pipeline configuration as code

Is your team spending time configuring Spinnaker instead of creating value?

Create, Repeat, and Scale Consistent Pipelines

Being able to get a new application up and running can be a chore. With repeatable, easy processes, developers are able to focus on their code and collaboration, not on the pipeline.

Pipelines-as-Code uses a flexible and customizable series of deployment stages. Combine all these to rapidly and repeatedly scale pipelines in your Armory deployment.

If changes are made to the pipeline definition file in the source control, when committed/merged into the tracked branch, the pipelines are automatically re-rendered and updated, saving time, improving performance, and creating consistency

Easy Spinnaker Pipeline Version Control in Git with Armory Pipelines-as-Code

Spinnaker provides the tools to make consistent and dependable deployment pipelines — pipelines as code improves on this by allowing your pipelines to be versioned and to be built and configured in a modular fashion.

The Pipelines as Code feature is intended to make it much faster and easier for developers to get a brand new application up and running regardless of their Spinnaker expertise.

If everything’s been configured properly, your developers should be able to deploy their code using a previously-proven pipeline model without ever having had to go into Spinnaker to configure anything.

Build repeatable, scalable, consistent, and secure pipelines in your VCS of choice.



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Features Comparison

How Does Pipelines-as-Code Compare to OSS Spinnaker?

  • Users familiar with Spinnaker may be aware of the native OSS Spinnaker feature called Managed Pipelines (or MPTv2).
  • Armory Pipelines-as-Code has been built to be more optimized and more robust to securely create pipelines, repeat, and scale. With Armory’s PaC, you can improve developer experience with templatization out of the box.
  • Note: we do not recommend to customers run both concurrently as it can cause technical issues

Commit. Deploy. Repeat.

Focus  on  writing  great  code,  not  deploying  it!