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“Unifying deployment tooling under Autodesk’s CloudOS with Spinnaker technology was critical for our regional scalability. Armory is definitely the best-in-class right now on Spinnaker.”

Shrirang Moghe, Sr. TPM/Sr. Software Architect, Autodesk

Scale Kubernetes Deployments & Manage Your Fleet

Increase Scalability

The decentralized and optimized caching model eliminates latency issues while managing each Kubernetes cluster from within. This means independence for each cluster and eliminates the need to update configuration files and redeploy all of your Spinnaker services.

Improve Usibility

Empower your users and their teams by enabling account management at the team level as well as the ability to add new accounts, on the fly, without restarting your Spinnaker services.

Learn more about Scaling Kubernetes Deployments

Empower DevOps Efforts & Ensure Compliance

Enforce Standards to Reduce Risk

Automate the creation and enforcement of the policies that govern your software and infrastructure deployment so you can deploy to production knowing you are compliant.

Collaborate Without Breaking Changes

Evaluating policies and assuring compliance shouldn’t be done with a manual ticketing approach that introduces opportunity for manual error, and also reduces consistency, which reduces the overall safety of your production environments.

Learn more about Policy and Compliance Management

Continuous Deployment without any complex setup or ongoing management.

The GitOps Experience
for Continuous Deployment

Accelerate Collaboration

Pipelines-as-Code templates make it easy to create and maintain design patterns with common programming languages that can become reusable modules in different pipelines. It’s the GitOps experience developers love and expect.

Accelerate Your Time-to-market

Define your pipelines and automatically sync them from your source control for you and your teams to reuse, contribute to, and validate.

Learn more about Pipelines-as-Code plugin

Reduce Your Terraform Enterprise Cost

Infrastructure and Applications

Combine Terraform’s infrastructure-as-code with dedicated stages in your pipelines, to deploy infrastructure alongside your corresponding applications.

Consistent. Reliable. Connected.

Standardize infrastructure deployment and provisioning using Terraform within any pipeline.

Safely Share and Version Configurations

Enforce Security Efficiently

Instead of committing your secrets in plain text to source control, Secrets Management allows you to commit only the location of a secret in a secret store to your configuration files. 

Reliable and Secure Deployments

Safely share and version your configurations for faster, more reliable, and secure deployments. Integrate with the top Vaults like HashiCorp.

Expert Support

Armory’s Spinnaker Support team is obsessed with Continuous Deployment, so you don’t have to be.
No matter how big your team gets, how extensive your code base becomes, or how many services you have, with Armory, you don’t have to wait to see the benefits of Spinnaker.

Learn more about Armory’s Spinnaker Expertise

Improve your developers’ experience and focus your time on your business.


Continuous deployment options to scale and fit your needs.


Armory Contributed to OSS Spinnaker

Flexible and Powerful Pipelines

Custom Deployment Stages

Support for Multiple Environments

Multiple Deployment Targets (EC2, K8s, Lambda, ECS, etc.)

Blue/Green and Canary Deployments

Automated Canary Analysis

Automated Rollbacks


Expert Support and everything you need to get started deploying.

Open Source +

1 Premium Plugin

Optimized Base Configs

Support: 8×5, 60 min P0, 12 hr P1

Secrets Management


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The added security and governance that all Enterprises need.

Essentials +

3 Premium Plugins

Support: 11×5, 60 min P0, 8 hr P1

Solutions Architect and Success Manager

Annual SRE Ops and Business Review


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per Successful Pipeline Execution per Month Paid annually


Fully managed Spinnaker in your cloud.

Enterprise +

All Premium Plugins

Support: 24×7 P0, 24×5 P1-3 30 min P0, 4 hr P1

Fully Managed Spinnaker in Your cloud (optional)


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Up to Unlimited Successful Pipeline Executions per Month Paid Annually

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Commit. Deploy. Repeat.

Automatically deploy, verify, and roll back, across multiple

environments, with powerful, flexible, and secure pipelines.