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Continuous Deployment with Policy and Compliance Management

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Policy Engine is the purpose-built CI/CD Policy and Compliance Manager. Adopt modern DevSecOps practices that reduce operational risk and instability, empower your DevOps efforts, and assure compliance throughout your CI/CD lifecycle.

Create Policies to Ensure Verification at Runtime

Many policies operate as gates for teams to stop the deployment of a piece of software or infrastructure. But blocking deployments at the last minute is the antithesis of continuous deployment and should only be done as a last resort.

Inform application teams of missing requirements early on, in their non-production environments, allowing time to fix any issues before an official change review.

With Armory’s Policy Engine you can create policies to ensure verification of resources deployed at runtime, without interrupting your continuous deployment process.

Expose the policies in your non-production environments so development teams have visibility into the operational requirements as a part of the development lifecycle.

Is your team spending time making sure boxes are checked instead of creating value?

Enforce Standards to Reduce Risk and Scale DevOps Efforts

Teams deploy to non-production environments with limited involvement from other teams, usually gaining a false sense of security. This is due to limited security constraints allowing teams to experiment with different technologies and frameworks.

To deploy to production, teams require a number of manual processes, from ticketing to change review boards, that slow down the delivery process.

With Armory’s Policy Engine, you can enforce pipelines created through Pipelines-as-Code to give DevOps teams confidence that the pipelines users are defining conform to set standards.

You can also define your pipelines to validate the policies required for production deployments, rather than the traditional trial and error approach.

Collaborate Without Causing Breaking Changes

Evaluating policies and assuring compliance shouldn’t be done with a manual ticketing approach that introduces opportunity for manual error, and also reduces consistency, which reduces the overall safety of your production environments.

Turn compliance and security requirements into automated guardrails, not gates.

With Armory’s Policy Engine, you can deliver your application through the orchestration of build, provision, and deploy stages that are validated against your set policies without causing breaking changes to the work created by others.

Provide development teams the information needed to better understand the amount of risk necessary for their code changes and deployments.

Don’t let manual security practices using disparate mechanisms break down and fail.



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