Expert Support for Open Source Spinnaker

With Armory Spinnaker Support, your engineers can do what they love doing most: ship better software, faster, instead of operationalizing an open-source project.

Take your Continuous Deployment strategy from good to superior with support from the leading Continuous Deployment and Spinnaker specialists.

Spinnaker is open source and free, but there are hidden costs in the time your engineers will spend installing, monitoring, and upgrading free software instead of creating value for your business.

Expertise You Can
Count On

Armory specializes in continuously deploying software at any scale, across multiple cloud services and environments, for all developers.

Armory’s Spinnaker Support team is obsessed with continuous deployment, so you don’t have to be.

No matter how big your team gets, how extensive your code base becomes, or how many services you have, with Armory, you don’t have to wait to see the benefits of Spinnaker.

Invest In Your Success

Armory abstracts away the complexities of Open Source Spinnaker to get you moving as quickly as possible; letting you use Spinnaker without having to be an expert on installation, upgrades, monitoring, and maintenance.

Armory has a strong relationship with the Open Source Spinnaker community and is always contributing to the best practices for Spinnaker use so you can take advantage of them quicker.

Improve Your Developer Experience

Optimize your developer onboarding, configurations, and strategies – from rollouts to high availability and disaster recovery.

Integrate any complementary tool or service that your developers are familar with including, but not limited to authentication/authorization services, CI tools, artifacts, APIs, internal automation, cloud providers, or other cloud-native tools in your software deployment environment.

Armory is here to help you discover and implement best practices, make the most of advanced features, and tune for performance. With Armory’s support, your developers can focus on your competitive advantage – your software.

From end-user training, administration and operations training, to advanced concepts training for engineering leads; beginner to advanced. Armory has your back!



Armory Contributed to OSS Spinnaker

Flexible and Powerful Pipelines

Custom Deployment Stages

Support for Multiple Environments

Multiple Deployment Targets (EC2, K8s, Lambda, ECS, etc.)

Blue/Green and Canary Deployments

Automated Canary Analysis

Automated Rollbacks


Expert Support and everything you need to get started deploying.

Open Source +

1 Premium Plugin

Optimized Base Configs

Support: 8×5, 60 min P0, 12 hr P1

Secrets Management


Starting at


per Successful Pipeline Execution per Month Paid annually


The added security and governance that all Enterprises need.

Essentials +

3 Premium Plugins

Support: 11×5, 60 min P0, 8 hr P1

Solutions Architect and Success Manager

Annual SRE Ops and Business Review


Starting at


per Successful Pipeline Execution per Month Paid annually


Fully managed Spinnaker in your cloud.

Enterprise +

All Premium Plugins

Support: 24×7 P0, 24×5 P1-3 30 min P0, 4 hr P1

Fully Managed Spinnaker in Your cloud (optional)


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Up to Unlimited Successful Pipeline Executions per Month Paid Annually

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Commit. Deploy. Repeat.

Take your Continuous Deployment strategy from good to superior.