What is Spinnaker?

Discover what Spinnaker open source software is, how it works, who should use it, and how Armory can enhance your developers’ experience and competitive advantage through your software.

The Basics

Spinnaker started as an internal project at Netflix to speed up and standardize their software delivery. Now Spinnaker exists as an open-source project that natively supports many cloud providers and has an active developer community with thousands of members. Spinnaker’s source code, issues, and documentation are publicly available on GitHub so that anyone can benefit from the power and flexibility of Continuous Deployment with the right investment, architecture, skill, and tooling.

Spinnaker logo.

Spinnaker improves Stability, Agility, and Security.

Use Spinnaker if you want to accelerate your software delivery velocity and standardize your deployment practices. If you’re currently shipping software once a quarter, start there. You can use Spinnaker to automate that process and make it smoother. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can bump up your release cadence to once a month, once a day, once an hour, per commit.

A 2021 Pulse survey showed the majority of companies are still relying heavily on some form of open-source, homegrown or CI scripting for deployment tooling (e.g. 41% use homegrown; 39% use Jenkins).

This tendency to “roll your own” solution eventually translates to unreliable processes that introduce risk and increase deployment failures. Additionally, this fragmented approach doesn’t scale and ultimately impedes speed-to-market. But don’t worry, Armory is here to help.

What is Spinnaker?

A purpose-built tool that allows software teams to reliably deliver software, to any target, as frequently as desired. It natively supports deploying your applications to cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure; and Kubernetes.

What Does Open Source Spinnaker Do?

One of the central philosophies is to automate deployments and get code to production faster. To make this process easy and dependable, Spinnaker supports several deployment strategies: Blue/Green, Rolling, and Canary, to name a few.

While Spinnaker is the best-in-class multi-cloud, continuous delivery platform, Armory knows from first-hand experience how the power and flexibility can be overwhelming sometimes. Armory Continuous Deployment simplifies any complexity so you can achieve stable, dependable Enterprise-Scale deployments every time.

With Armory Continuous Deployment, You can devote your technical resources to developing the systems that deliver value in the way that only your company can, instead of having to outbid the competition for highly skilled and expensive niche talent constantly.

Why Choose Armory for Help with Spinnaker?

Armory can help you simplify and scale Spinnaker. Armory brings the power of Spinnaker to your organization, along with critical feature extensions, enterprise-grade stability, and 24/7 expert support from the leading independent member of the open-source community.

Armory combines proprietary plugins with commercial-grade Spinnaker OSS features to ensure safe, reliable, and repeatable deployments so development teams can accelerate their time-to-market. Armory equips teams with an automation framework and extensibility that enables the flexibility needed to scale up/down rapidly, while deploying to multiple targets.

Whether your targets are cloud services from multiple vendors or an on-premise target, Armory allows you to monitor and manage your pipelines, while deploying your code, and leveraging advanced deployment strategies to increase stability and agility and avoid customer-impacting issues.

Spinnaker gives you enterprise-scale deployment, safely, dependably, and repeatedly and Armory makes it easy.

Commit. Deploy. Repeat.

Continuous Deployment at any scale, for all developers.