Scale Spinnaker Kubernetes Deployments

What is a Spinnaker Kubernetes Deployment?

Spinnaker is an open-source continuous delivery platform that helps you release software changes with high velocity and confidence across multiple environments, including Kubernetes. With Kubernetes and Spinnaker, you can create robust continuous delivery pipelines that validate and deploy software fast and reliably. Spinnaker’s application management features also allow you to manage your Kubernetes resources.

Within Spinnaker, Clouddriver is the microservice that is responsible for indexing and caching all deployed resources, as well as mutating calls to the various supported cloud providers. Spinnaker is always listening for a new image in the container registry and then will trigger the deployment of the delivery pipeline. However, because Spinnaker is constantly listening and responding, if you start to run into caps, your teams will start to encounter problems of scale.

What’s the Problem with Deploying to Kubernetes from Spinnaker?

One of the top issues for Kubernetes deployments from Spinnaker is lack of resources. Organizations who don’t address the problems at the source end up spending more money to add resources, which leads to ballooning costs and Kubernetes environments that are increasingly difficult to manage.

How Can You Scale Your Spinnaker Deployments to Kubernetes?

Confidently scale Kubernetes deployments with Spinnaker and Armory Scale Agent. Solve the scaling resources problem at the root. Securely and dynamically manage all of your Kubernetes deployments with ease. Armory Scale Agent for Spinnaker and Kubernetes is a lightweight, real-time agent that scales deployment execution operations from your Spinnaker instance to all of your Kubernetes clusters.

Scale Agent in Action

One of the largest technology and retail companies in the world relies on Armory’s Scale Agent to deploy the hundreds of Kubernetes clusters, across multiple environments, across multiple teams. Learn more about how they scale Kubernetes with Armory Scale Agent here.

How Does Scale Agent Work?

Scale Kubernetes deployments to limitless clusters and namespaces with minimal latency, and accelerate pipeline execution times.

  • The decentralized and optimized caching model eliminates latency issues while managing each Kubernetes cluster from within. 
  • Scale Agent detects and streams changes in real-time, creating new accounts on the fly without any downtime.
  • As your Kubernetes adoption grows, so does the latency, and and the overhead of managing the growing number of accounts, configurations, and credentials. That’s one of the reasons Armory’s Scale Agent uses decentralized and dynamic account management to enhance security and empower individual teams to manage permissions for their specific clusters. Scale Agent allows you to decouple Kubernetes service accounts from applications to provide better security.

What Are the Benefits of Scaling Spinnaker Kubernetes Deployments?

  • Cost Management – Don’t just throw more money and more Kubernetes resources. Solve scalability problems at the source. 
  • Increased Scalability – Independence for each cluster and eliminates the need to update configuration files and redeploy all of your Spinnaker services.
  • Improved Efficiency – Create all new accounts without any downtime. Avoid having multiple people waiting hours to deploy new Kubernetes targets. 
  • Enhanced Security – Decouple Kubernetes service accounts from applications or integrate with secret stores like HashiCorp Vault to maintain existing processes and security protocols.
  • Improved Usability – Empower your users and their teams by enabling account management at the team level as well as the ability to add new accounts without restarting your Spinnaker services.

Who Benefits from Scale Agent?

  • Developers – Feel confident knowing that when you deploy to Kubernetes using Spinnaker and Scale Agent, your software will be reliable and available. 
  • DevOps Teams – Cut down on the need for constant surveillance and monitoring of your scalability, resource allotment, performance, and reliability. 
  • Consumers – Because your application is not hitting resource caps and is experiencing less downtime, your end users will be more satisfied.


Maintaining and managing Spinnaker Kubernetes deployments can be difficult and the costs can start to quickly add up. Armory Scale Agent helps you scale from the beginning so that you’re not constantly throwing new Kubernetes resources at the problem, and ensuring that your software deploys successfully and reliably.

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How do you scale up Kubernetes deployments?

How do you deploy Spinnaker on Kubernetes?

Commit. Deploy. Repeat.

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